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Reflexology for Health and Wellbeing

2nd and 9th August 2014(2 days) Bunbury WA

Reflexology for Health and Wellbeing

This is an awesome class run over two full days where you will learn a complete reflexology session and receive many bonuses of  information.

As Lisa works intuitively classes will vary depending on the energy and needs of the group. Time will be taken to address any questions and issues that may come up and we may deviate into healing topics as they arise.

Rest assured though that by the end of the two days you will have learnt a full reflexology session and you will be armed with everything you require to give a session to your loved ones.

On completion of the course you will also be offered the opportunity to meet regularly and swap sessions with each other to enhance your skills. Plus you will get to receive a treatment yourself making sure you stay nice and healthy  and nurtured too!

So, what is  reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient healing art which has been traced back 5000 years. Reflexology is the study of the reflexes  works on the principle that the whole of the body is reflected in the feet (and hands and ears). In this course we will be working with the feet. Basically there is a map of the body and its systems that are reflected on the feet that we follow.

We stimulate these reflex points in the feet to help the body rebalance and heal itself.  Reflexology may alleviate a variety of illnesses, releive pain, reduce stress, increase circulation, and give you an overall sense of relaxation. It is often used as a “preventative”” treatment to maintain wellness as well as a treatment to regain health.

This course designed for people of all ages and backgrounds. The course is mainly practical application with some theory.

During this course you will:

  • Learn the complete sequence of a reflexology treatment, enabling you to help your family and   friends.
  • Receive charts and notes to take home for future reference.
  • Get an insight into “reading” the feet.
  • Learn how to maintaining a safe clean environment, both energetically and spiritually
  • Learn how to preparing yourself and your room
  • Explore your  own healing abilities in safely
  • Connect with your heart
  • Be given the opportunity to attend ongoing practice sessions.


The course from start to finish was amazing.

I never realized that my feet had so much in them, or that I would enjoy working with feet so much. Thank you so much for lightening my load, making me feel so much better and teaching me heaps.

50 years is a long time to carry anything!

MJ Reflexology course WA

The course was absolutely wonderful – given freely and with love. The content was easy to follow and procedures and techniques easy to follow.

The amount of practice time was very good – allowing enough time to feel comfortable and confident with techniques and procedures.

The days worked to schedule very easily with loads learnt and experienced at a very suitable pace.

Thanks Lisa for all that you shared.  Love Karen Narrenbeen  WA

Where: Bunbury WA

When: 2nd and 9th August 2014

From: 9.30 to 5.00pm  – 2 days

Investment: $320

($100 deposit required at time of booking – deposit not refundable for cancellations made less than  72 hours prior to course)

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a simple technique that can deeply and profoundly change your life

Metamorphosis is a deeply transformational and yet gentle process. A light touch is applied to parts of the feet and/or hands which represent the time of gestation.

During a metamorphosis session we follow a line on the foot that represents the time you were in your mothers womb. This is the time when all the primary structure of your life is formed, including your physical body, your beliefs, your limitations, your ability to handle situations, even whether you will be a procrastinator can be found here!

Metamorphosis addresses blockages at the primary source rather than just clearing the surface issue. This means that permanent change can happen instantly. In fact you may not even notice you have changed until someone brings it to your attention. Of course there are also some changes that may need several sessions to work on as the spirit will only allow what the physical body is capable of handling at any one time. Sometimes we need time to adjust.

As we work on the points from conception to birth, patterns are gently and permanently released. Focus is also brought to preconception and karmic patterns. Changes occur  very naturally and peacefully.

Metamorphosis is a simple technique to learn and apply and can have immense impact on your life and those who you treat.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to apply this gentle touch to release blockages
  • Gain insight into the origin of Metamorphosis
  • Learn how to apply this technique to help yourself and others
  • Learn how to use Metamorphosis for healing others from a distance
  • Learn how to apply Metamorphosis to the feet and hands and the different reasons for choosing each.
  • Learn hand symbols
  • Take home notes and charts for future reference
  • Be supported in a loving, fun, safe learning environment
  • Be given the opportunity to attend ongoing practice sessions

Where: Bayswater or Mitcham Vic (venue to be confirmed)

When: Sunday 22nd June 2014

From: 9.30 to 5.00 pm

Investment: $150

($60 deposit required at time of booking. Deposit not refundable for cancellations made less than  72 hours prior to course)


Just wanted to let you know I have a baby girl!  I came to you after trying to get pregnant for 5 years—metamorphosis must have cleared something as I conceived almost immediately after my treatment.

Cheryl—Sydney NSW

I have always been the person who arrives late where ever I go no matter what. Since my metamorpohsis treatment people have started to comment on how I am always on time now! Funny, I didn’t even realise I had changed.

Kylie – Fremantle WA

Wow, so many changes in my life since metamorphosis.  Would definitely recommend it!

Deb—Bunbury WA

Your teaching style is so comfortable and your gentleness is like an angel…


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Spiritual and Energy Hygeine in Daily Life

Whether we are aware of it or not we are all influenced by the energy that surrounds us. Just as we clean the dishes daily, we also must clean our energy. This helps us stay physically strong, emotionally balanced, mentally clear and spiritually clean.

In this talk you will learn:

Techniques to keep your energy clean and not be influenced by other people

How to clear your energy  and protect yourself when working with clients.

How to use incense, eggs and other natural products for clearing energy and physical ailments.

Why it is so important to clear energy and much more

When: 10th June 2014

From: 6.30pm to 9 pm

Where: Mitcham, Melbourne Vic

Investment: $37 (payment required at time of booking)

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