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Lisa Butcher helps guide people to inner peace

Hi. I’m Lisa.

Throughout my life people have often commented about how peaceful I am and how they feel peaceful just being in my presence. They are inspired by stories of my journey through life as a woman, a mother and a spiritual being in human form.

I have always had a strong connection with God and the Divine Essence that links us all.  I have never followed a particular religion but have always talked with God and Spirit.

During my late twenties my father died and my life changed forever. I had never experienced the death of a loved one and it was a time of devestation, insights and profound awareness.  I started to ask why I was here and within 3 days I received my answer.

My connection to my spiritual team got stronger and I started a new direction in life. After 18 years of study and working with people I am still in awe of the changes people can make and how powerful we really are. I worked for many years as an intuitive healer (and still do) where every session is  as unique and varied as the person I am working with.

After thinking about peoples comments about feeling peaceful around me and contemplating their lack of peace  I decided a powerful way for me to serve you better was to dedicate my work to helping you experience Inner Peace and Empowerment, and expand my services by providing many avenues for you to work with me – so you can fully express who you are and live the life of your richest desires.

I gradually expanded my services to  include workshops and retreats and guidance/coaching via the phone and email. My work will continue to grow and expand for after all that is what life is about.

It is my intention for you  that you will find peace, empowerment, passion and purpose and you will begin to experience the magnificence of who you are. If I can help you with anything, please contact me.

Soon I will have an Inner Peace Guide written for you. In the meantime I suggest you sign up for my Everday Empowerment Tips where you will receive free tips and tools  for living a more peaceful, connected and empowered life and please check out my services and the workshops I have created to help you.

I look forward to connecting with  you soon.

With love, Lisa

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